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Faced with the epidemic, different people choose different coping styles. The choice of intellectuals is often conscious, rational, positive, and scientific. In summary, there are ten correct coping styles.
The first type, Zhong Nanshan style. “People’s Daily” once commented on Mr. Zhong Nanshan: “The 84-year-old Zhong Nanshan has the profession of an academician, the bravery of a soldier, and the role of a scholar.” In the face of the epidemic, Zhong Nanshan used the rigorous, scientific, and courageous scientist to tell everyone the exact and true situation at the earliest. Academician Li Lanjuan of Zhejiang University sleeps no more than three hours a day and goes all out to do drug screening and research and development. Her team uses seconds as a unit to quickly make significant results in a limited time. China’s super scientific research strength. Zhong Nanshan and Li Lanjuan are real “national idols” and “national backbones.”
The second type is medical team style. One side is in trouble, and the other side is in support. Physicians in various provinces and cities are urgently helping Hubei. Special trains start from Shanghai and lead people all the way. Jiangsu’s first batch of medical teams to fight against new pneumonia in Wuhan embarked on the journey overnight on January 23 and went straight forward. The core battlefield. The medical team of Nanfang Hospital, which once fought against atypical pneumonia, gave up vacations and wrote a petition. The entire hospital of Huaian First People’s Hospital has more than 200 doctors and more than 500 nurses sending applications for help to support Wuhan. They are the bravest retrogrades and the most worthy of our respect!
The third type is devotion. Han Hong led the Han Hong Charity Charity Foundation and started donating assistance since the outbreak of the epidemic. In the week of January 24 to 31, the foundation collected nearly 200 artists and charitable people with more than 140 million charities to purchase. Medical supplies continue to assist Wuhan and surrounding cities. When Jiangsu Daihu female boss Ju Daixia started construction of a mask production line in advance, Jiangsu boss Zhang Dan donated urgently needed supplies to Wuhan to fight the epidemic.
Fourth, designer style. Xiang Fan, a former researcher at Qinghua University and now a senior researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s New Media Action Laboratory, explores large-scale society through the understanding and application of digital vision technology for new coronavirus infection data that people see. Facts not seen in sexual data, with stacked flow diagrams, let people see the time landscape of the epidemic development, and answer the question of the rhythm of the epidemic outbreak. Intellectuals of all professions can start from this profession and make such a real contribution to epidemic prevention and control.
Fifth, news person. After the outbreak, in addition to authoritative media reporters such as People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, and CCTV, there are also Beijing News, Southern Weekend, Finance and Economics, Sanlian Life Weekly, Surging News, Red Star News, Cover News, Upstream News, Daily Economic News, China Media such as Youth Daily, Phoenix Satellite TV, Pear Video, etc. After dozens of days of interviews by several media personnel on the front line of the outbreak in Wuhan, another wave of more than 300 journalists “armed” went to Wuhan and other places in Hubei to start their front line interviews. Panic always accompanies the epidemic, confidence always goes with the truth, and journalists rushing to the front to accurately and accurately report the epidemic are very helpful in guiding public opinion, relieving people’s emotions, and building confidence in winning the epidemic.
Sixth, thinker style. After the epidemic, the editorial department of “Exploration and Controversy” and “Journal of Guangzhou University” issued a joint essay on the theme “Research on the fight against new pneumonia from the perspective of the modernization of national governance”, thinking that the humanities and social sciences community should respond to the national call for the fight against new pneumonia. The introspection of human disasters, including the new type of pneumonia, reflects the roles and missions of humanities and social science workers. The magazine WeChat public account has been launched on January 27, and has published more than 40 theoretical research articles by Zhongnanshan Wang Jinglun’s research group and many humanities and social scientists.
Seventh, education human. The epidemic happened during the winter vacation. With the development of the epidemic, schools in various places were delayed. Teachers in primary, middle and high schools acted immediately, actively responded to the Ministry of Education’s call for online teaching, launched a large number of MOOCs and online teaching, and actively contacted students. , And carefully guide students to learn. An open letter written by Hangzhou teacher Guo Jian to the students said, “Please remember that one’s faith cannot be lost, and one’s great love for the motherland and the people cannot be lost!” The letter went viral as soon as it was issued. Class teachers of Huai’an Technician College in Jiangsu Province contact every student in the class every day. In the WeChat group of class D16501, teacher Li Shuang encourages students to spread epidemic prevention knowledge in the form of live broadcast, and forwards free online course study guides to students every day .
The eighth type, literary and artistic style. Fang Fang, the chairman of the Hubei Writing Association, opened a column on the Internet, wrote “These days in Wuhan”, telling her life in the epidemic area and the real situation she saw, telling everyone that “out of panic and helplessness, everyone still needs encouragement and comfort”. Fang Fang’s article, sincere brush strokes, let people understand the Wuhan side of the epidemic. During the extraordinary period of fighting the epidemic, the National Theater paid tribute to the retrograde soldiers in an unprecedented performance with the large-scale singing of “Shadow of the Angel”. There was no audience in the audience. All the participating artists wore masks without revealing their faces. The singing hit the hearts of the people. . In order to support the frontline staff and inspire the people’s confidence and determination to fight the epidemic, the China Federation of Literary and Art Federation, China Television Association, China Film Association, China Music Association emergency organization film and television, and music workers co-authored the theme song and made the system MV “China Comes Strong and Believes that Love Will Win”. In the face of the disaster, there is no boundless love, and the literary and art circles are connected with the front line of the epidemic.
Ninth species, self-cultivation. Not every intellectual can participate in the grand narrative of fighting the epidemic. Most intellectuals can only stay at home to prevent epidemics in accordance with unified requirements. Reading, watching movies, thinking, writing, preparing lessons, become the daily routine of most intellectuals who are not working. . Professor Chen Chunhua from the National Development Institute of Peking University has published countermeasures such as “Four Hearts” in the face of the epidemic, “How to start a” new construction “mode in the epidemic”, “Effects of the epidemic on the economy and suggestions on corporate countermeasures”. Teacher Feng Zhijian from Huaian Technological College in Jiangsu Province sits at the computer writing department at home to compile planning materials. Mr. Zhan Mingjing, an excellent teacher from Huaiyin Middle School, is busy preparing for the new semester.
Tenth type, cloud supervision work style. Concern is concerned, and onlooking is anti-epidemic. Many home netizens are keen to watch the live broadcast of the construction process of the Wuhan version of “Little Tangshan” Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Raytheon Mountain Hospital, and to “supervise” the construction process online. These “cloud supervisors” not only watch the live broadcast on a 24-hour shift, but also check in to work Until 2am on January 30, there were still more than 40 million “night shift” supervisors working online. There are also many intellectuals who monitor the style of cadres, charitable funds, and whether scientific research is written on the land of China through the Internet in real time. These cloud supervisors provide the truth for the people, serve the people, and provide a powerful mass supervision and guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

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